Carbon Steel Olet Fittings Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Carbon Steel O'let Fittings

Carbon Steel Olets Fittings

 Carbon Steel Olet Fittings are the most ecnomical metal Branch connection fittings in the weldable olet fittings. We are Suppliers and Distributors of carbon steel forged weldable Olet Fittings. We have almost more than one decade of experience in manufacturing weldable O'let fittings product range.

We are at present supplying our quality olet fittings to Oil & Gas Industries, Offshore Industries and Atomic Industries.




Carbon Steel O'let Fittings Features :-

  •  Carbon Steel Olet Fittings are best possible lowest price fittings
  • Carbon Steel Olet Fittings are manufactured only by forging process by which it can sustain at higher pressure applications
  • Carbon Steel Olet Fittings are the only fittings to substitute Butt Weld or pipe fittings


Carbon Steel O'let Fittings Size Range :-

We deal in these forged branch Connection fittings Size from 1/2" NB to 62" NB,


Carbon Steel O'let Fittings Design or Types :-

  • Carbon Steel Sockolet O'lets
  • Carbon Steel Threadolet O'lets
  • Carbon Steel Weldolet O'lets
  • Carbon Steel Branzolet O'lets
  • Carbon steel Latrolets
  • Carbon Steel Sweepolets
  • Carbon Steel Nippolet Olets
  • Carbon Steel Elbolets
  • Carbon Steel Insert Olets
  • Carbon Steel Couplet Olets




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